Hydraulic power tong GKSH-7300B “Batyr”


Hydraulic power tong GKSH-7300B “Batyr” is designed to handle a range of pipe sizes from ∅89mm (3 1/2") to ∅219 mm (8 5/8"), with a maximum torque of up to 70560 N *m (7200kgf*m).

Type of climatic version UHL1 according to GOST 15150-69, ambient air temperature during operation from -45°C to +50°C.


A hydraulic motor with 2 gears and manual transmission allows four different torque ranges to be obtained at the same fluid pressure up to 200 bar.

The hydraulic power tong is reversible and there is no need to reinstall the jaws in the screwing or unscrewing position.

The hydraulically operated valve opens vertically, allowing the hydraulic tong to be operated in a space limited working area.

This hydraulic power tong is equipped with a hydraulic lock, which prevents rotation of the rotor when the damper is open. This increases safety when changing jaws to the next pipe girth range.

It is especially important to note the way the master tong is attached to the backup tong. A two-point equidistant (from the center of the pipe) attachment with a balancing torsion eliminates the impact of radial forces on the thread. This arrangement allows the pipes to be screwed with a "clean" torque without the appearance of additional friction in the threaded joint.

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