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Recent upgrade of the Electric HPU GSE-200-45
LLC "Ufagidromash" carried out upgrading of Electric HPU GSE-200-45 to use this unit in integration with the automated hydraulic tong GKSh-12000 "Yurmaty".
Hydraulic Power Tong GKSh-12000 YURMATY

LLC "Ufagidromash" is completing Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of a new automated hydraulic tong GKSH-12000 YURMATY.

Manual backup GK.715.000
LLC "Ufagidromash" has developed and started mass production of the manual backup GK.715.000 for a range of pipe coverage from Ø40 mm up to Ø55 mm.
Hydraulic power tongs GKSH-4000М/5000М integrated with hydraulic backup
LLC Ufagidromash has started serial production of hydraulic tongs GKSh-4000M and GKSh-5000M with hydraulic backup.
Exhibition “Gas. Oil. Technologies 2021 ", Ufa

LLC "Ufagidromash" took part in the largest specialized exhibition of the Russian petrochemical industry "Gas. Oil. Technologies - 2021 ", which took place from 25 to 28th May in Ufa.

Hydraulic power tong GKSH-5000 integrated with hydraulic backup.
LLC "Ufagidromash" has started serial production of hydraulic tongs GKSh-5000 with hydraulic backup.
Ball valve
LLC "Ufagidromash" has mastered the production of ball valves with lock thread for top drive systems.
Hydraulic tongs GKSH-3200 now with hydraulic backup

LLC «Ufagidromash» started serial production of hydraulic backup devices integrated with hydraulic tongs GKSH −3200. A simple design increases the reliability of the product. Hydraulic backup is easy to learn, easy to use and safe to operate.

Russian liquids production hits record levels of 10.7 million bbl/day

Russian oil and condensate production reached a new post-soviet record of 10.7 million bbl/day in 2015, according to a new analysis from Wood Mackenzie. Condensate was a key driver in this development. By 2018, condensate production is expected to increase by 50% compared with 2014 levels, according to the firm. This, coupled with greenfield projects and increased enhanced oil recovery (EOR) activity, will continue to help stem the decline seen at conventional reservoirs out to 2020.

IHS: $25 billion oilfield chemicals market expected to fall through 2019

Driven in large part by the rapid expansion of shale oil and gas drilling and production in North America, the world market for oilfield specialty chemicals at the service company level reached $25 billion in 2014. That’s up from nearly $16 billion in 2010. However, significant declines in oil prices have dampened the demand outlook for oilfield chemicals for the 2015 to 2019 period, according to a new global market study from IHS.

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