Spider SPG-125.000.000 is designed for gripping tubing and drill pipes from Ø60 mm (2.3/8") up to 178 мм (7") and holding them suspended above the oil wells during roundtrip operations(workovers) and drilling. According to GOST 15150-69 specifications manufactured for climatic version «U» (moderate climate).  


  • Housing with a set of slips and inserts for tubing sizes ∅73 mm (27/8");
  • Guard Gate;
  • Cylinder (hydraulic or pneumatic);
  • Lever system with Latch. 

Additional units and devices

  • hoses Du6 RVD6.22х1,5;
  • complete sets of replaceable jaws with dies for tubing ∅60 mm (23/8"), ∅89 mm (31/2");
  • pneumatic valve;
  • set of spare parts. 

At Customer's request the set of delivery may include slip bodies with inserts for other tubing sizes.  


Parameters Value
Rated Capacity, kN (metric ton-force) 1 600 (160)
Handling Pipe Size, mm(in) 60,73,89,102,114,121,127,146,168,178  
Operation hydraulically or pneumatically
Operating pressure, MPa
from hydraulic system
from pneumatic system 

Ambient temperature , °C
operating temperature
limiting temperature

–40 … +40
–50 … +45
Dimensions, mm 745х720х575
Weight, kg 468 max

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