Automated hydraulic tong GKSh-16500 "Yurmaty"


Automated hydraulic tong GKSh-16500 "Yurmaty" is designed for fast, safe, accurate make-up and break-out of drill pipes with outer diameters from Ø89 mm (3 ½") to Ø254 mm (10") which is controlled by an industrial PC - controller with Windows CE 7.0 real-time operating system.

The tong is the next stage in the development of the hydraulic tong GKSH-12000 "Yurmaty" and has an extended range of performance characteristics both in terms of the control system and torque and specially adapted for operation in a marine climate on the LSP "A".

The hydraulic tong GKSH-16500 "Yurmaty" makes up drill pipes with a torque of 135,000 (13,700) Nm (kgf m) and unscrews 160,000 (16,320) Nm (kgf m) at a nominal pressure in the hydraulic system of 20 MPa (200 Bar).The rotation of the hydraulic tong manipulator around the axis is now available from the driller's console, the rotation angle is 359°. The new manipulator makes it possible to make up drill pipes with a maximum vertical movement of 760 mm, while the horizontal travel of the manipulator is 1600 mm.

The unique software system, based on an industrial controller, allows you to safely and accurately make up threaded connections, which significantly extends the life of the drilling tool. The software allows you to select the required drill pipe from a given list or create your own (new) tool list. Each hydraulic tong is supplied with a USB drive with a unique MOMENT program with which you can easily create a list of pipes with specified characteristics, as well as view the archive of the hydraulic tong for the entire period of operation. The control system designed specifically for LSP "A" has a touch screen control adapted to the driller's cabin, two joysticks for controlling the movement of the hydraulic tong and an explosion-proof remote control. The control cabinet will also be located in the LSP "A" driller's cabin.

Materials and coatings of parts for hydraulic tong GKSH-16500 "Yurmaty" are selected considering the cold maritime climate. The coating of the hydraulic tong is made using a special paint that is resistant to aggressive environments, used when painting marine vessels and structures. The hydraulic tong kit also includes a protective canopy that prevents damage to the elements of the hydraulic tong if sleeves and control cables of the top drive power (SVP) get in.

Type of climatic version M3 according to GOST 15150-69, ambient air temperature during operation from -45°С to +30°С at the deposit with hydrogen sulphide content less than 6%, during long-term storage -50°С.




Volumetric flow to the hydraulic tong, l/min

No more than 230

Discharge pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

21 (210)

Pressure in the drain line, MPa (kgf/cm2)

не более 0,5 (5)

The purity of the working fluid according to GOST17216

Not less than class 13

Spinner Features:

Pipe capture range, mm

from 89 to 254

Number of rollers


Pipe totation speed Ø127 mm (5"), rpm)

 from 0 to 2 (120)

Torque, Nm (kgf m)

 2940 (300)

Breaker characteristics:

Pipe capture range, mm

from 89 to 254

Max turning angle


Make-up torque, Nm (kgf m)

no less than 135000 (13700)

Minimum make-up torque, Nm (kgf m)

8000 (815)

Breakout torque, Nm (kgf m)

No less than 160000 (16320)

Specifications of the manipulator:

Angle of rotation around the axis


Horizontal tong travel, mm

1570 max

Vertical tong travel, mm

760 max

Volumetric flow to the hydraulic tong, l/min:

Discharge pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

Pressure in the drain line, MPa (kgf/cm2)

No more than 230
21 (210)
no less than 0,5 (5)

Weight, kg

4500 max

Overall dimensions, mm


Pipe size range, inch (mm)

 from 3 1/2" to 10" (from 89 to 254)

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