Hydraulic Power Unit GSE-200-45


Electric driven hydraulic power unit is integrated with hydraulic tongs of GKSH series according to GOST-3668-006-55834270-2006 specifications. Provides transformation of electric energy into pressurized flow. Explosion-proof configuration. Provides preliminary heating of a working fluid, duly start of the electric motor during cold time, supplied with devices for protection of hydro system from overloads and cooling of a working fluid at heats and its filtration. Can be used with other devices which conform to specifications of GSE-200R.

According to GOST 15150-69 specifications climatic version is UKHL1 (for moderately cold climate with ambient temperatures -45 to 50 °C).


Parameters Value
Volume of a tank, l 500
Flow Rate in hydro system up to 10 МPа, m3/ sec (LPM)  3,83x10-3 (230)
Flow Rate in hydro system above 10 МPа to 21 MPa, is inversely reduced to the value,  m3/ sec (LPM) 1,08×10-3 (65)
Operating Pressure maximal, MPa (kgf/cm2) 35 (350)
Dimensions, mm: 


Drive of the HPU (pump)  
Capacity, kW 
RPM of a shaft

electric motor 

Direction of rotation of a shaft 
Hydraulic pump   
axial piston with pressure and power regulator.
Heating of a working fluid block of 3 heaters each 2 kW, heated environment – oil
Cooling method air-oil with fan and hermostatic valve
Control of temperature  thermal converter
Monitoring of hydraulic oil level in the tank
gauge of level
Weight of HPU filled with oil, no more, kg 1800
Purity of a working fluid, GOST 17216 not worse than Class12
Degree of explosion protection, GOST 30852 1Ex d II B T5 Gb
Electric power supply 50Hz, 380V
Maximal power consumption, kW 50

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