Hydraulic Power Tong GKSh-7200 Yaktash


Hydraulic Power Tong GKSH-7200 Yaktash is designed to handle a range of pipe sizes from ∅102 mm (4 ") to ∅340 mm (13 3/8"). According to GOST 15150-69 climatic version is UKHL1. Designed for moderately cold climate with ambient temperatures -45 to 50 °C.


This Hydraulic Power Tong is the next step in the development of the GKSH 4000M model. To provide tong performance with higher torque, the main bearing elements (gears, support rollers, etc.) were reinforced. The weight of the tong is no more than 800 kg, and with a hydraulic backup 1250 kg.

Two-section hydraulic motor and a manual gearbox allow obtaining four different torque ranges under the same working fluid pressures from 0 to 200 bars. The tong is easy to adapt for lowering the casing with little torque or breaking out of firmly tightened drill pipes.

The coverage by the jaws along the entire circumference reduces tubular damage to thin-walled pipes.

The design of the hydromechanical backup tong is a unique development of OOO Ufagidromash and has a number of innovative solutions:

  • Allows the use of the same jaws for both the master tong and the backup tong;

  • Suspension of the backup tong allows it to be quickly disconnected from the master tong;

  • A brake valve is installed in the raising / lowering cylinder line instead of the hydraulic lock. At the time of possible slippage of the pipe string in the wedge grips of the spider, an additional axial load impacts on the suspension system (suspension roller and rope) in addition to the tong weight. Under the influence of this additional load, the brake valve drains the working fluid from the cylinder cavity into return line and the cylinder rod extends, thus eliminating the excess above the permissible load on the suspension.

It is especially important to note the way the master tong is attached to the backup tong. Two-point equidistant (from the center of the pipe) attachment with a balancing torsion eliminates the impact of radial forces on the thread. This arrangement allows the pipes to be screwed with a "clean" torque without appearance of additional friction in the threaded joint.


Parameters Value
Hydraulic system flow, m3/sec (l/min)

10,0×10-4 (60)
25,0x10-4 (150)
33,3x10-4 (200)
Hydraulic system pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

10 (100)
20 (200)
Drain line pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) not more than 0,5 (5)
RPM at nominal flow, sec-1 (rpm)
1st gear
2nd gear
3rd gear
4th gear

0,08 (5)
0,17 (10)
0,51 (30)
1,02 (61)
Torque at nominal pressure, Nm (kgf·m)
1st gear
2nd gear
3rd gear
4th gear

35280 (3600)
12500 (1275)
5880 (600)
2080 (210)
Torque at maximal pressure, Nm (kgf·m)
1st gear
2nd gear
3rd gear
4th gear

70560 (7200)
25000 (2550)
11760 (1200)
4160 (420) 
Weight, kg
without backup
with backup

810 max
1800 max
Dimensions, mm
without backup
with backup

Purity of working fluid, GOST17216               not worse than Class 13.

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