Make-up torque(MUT) control system

SKS-21 control system is used to monitor the torque turn values when making up tubular connections and to prevent the application of excessive torque onto them. All system components, located in an explosive atmosphere, are explosion-proof and are intended for use on the rotary platform of the drilling rig.

Our control system is designed to monitor:
a) SKS-21 generated by hydraulic tongs of GKSh series(integrated with HPU GSE-200R / GSE-200-37T)
b) its rotor speed when making up.
So, the unit features real-time graphics of torque versus rpm relationship.

It can be used for other products that meet the technical requirements of  MUT control system(russian designation of product: SKS- RE.)

SKS-21 control system consists of the following components:

- Vandal-proof gas-tight computer unit with touch monitor;

- Explosion-proof control cabinet, which includes PLC, control relay and spark-safe barriers;

- Weight measuring tensoresistive sensor;

- Converter of angular displacements;

- Cartridge valve;

- Connecting cables with explosion-proof industrial connectors for sensors and control unit.

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