Hydraulic Power Tong GKSh-12000 YURMATY


Automated hydraulic tong GKSh-12000 "Yurmaty" is designed for fast, safe making up and breaking out of drill pipes with rated sizes from Ø89 mm (3 1/2") to Ø254 mm (10") and controlled by an industrial PC controller with a real-time operating system Windows CE 7.0.

Automated hydraulic Tong GKSh-12000 could be integrated with Electric driven HPU GSE-200-45.

Designed for moderately cold climate with ambient temperatures -45 to +50 °C.

Features and competitive advantages

  • Remote control lets the unit to be operated from various rig floor positions using PLC, at a distance from potentially hazardous zone;
  • Precise makeup, which greatly extends the service life of the drilling tool;
  • Tong offers a PLC feature, which allows numerous pipe profiles and torque values to be preset and selected with one touch of the operator interface;
  • Automatic operation, as well manual operation for specific tasks when automatic operation is not possible; immediate shutdown capability if an unpredicted event occurs;
  • Universal jaws allow to handle a wide range of tubular sizes without changing dies;
  • The unique articulated arm allows to regulate the position of the Tong in height and length;
  • It takes minimal space on the rig floor;
  • The Tong is mounted on the regular place of drilling tong AKB. Changing of the design of the drilling platform and procedure for approval are not required;
  • The small number of spare parts and easy maintenance;
  • Automated hydraulic Tong GKSh-8000 could be integrated with Electric driven hydraulic power unit GSE-200-45 manufactured in LLC «Ufagidromash».  


Parameters Value
Maximum pressure of the hydraulic system, MPa (kgf/cm2)

35 (350)

Spinner Roller Speed, RPM


Spinner Torque, Nm (kgf·m)

4930 (503)

Output of Torque wrench, Nm (kgf m) at 30 Mpa

Makeup Torque
Breakout Torque

127400 (13000)
182280 (18600)

Rotation around the axis, degrees


Tool Joint Height Range, mm


Weight, kg
without backup
with backup

800 max
1250 max

Max horizontal extend, mm

1570 max

Max vertical lift, mm

760 max

Purity of hydraulic oil as per GOST17216

not worse than Class 13

Hydraulic system flow, m3/sec (l/min):



Weight, kg

4100 max

Dimensions, mm


Pipe size range, inch (mm)

from 3 1/2" to 10" (from 89 to 254)

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