Hydraulic Power Tong GKSh-4000GZ


Hydraulic Power Tong GKSh-4000GZ is designed to handle a range of casing sizes from Ø102 mm (4") up to Ø508 mm (20").

Hydraulic backup is with a range of pipe coverage from Ø102 mm (4") up to Ø451 mm (17 3/4").

Manufactured for operation in areas with moderately cold climate, category 1 as per GOST 15150-69 (-45 to 50 °C).

Ufagidromash production meet the needs of the oil and gas industry with innovation, performance, and value. In particular, Hydraulic backup based on a unique development of Ufagidromash LLC has a number of innovative solutions:

  • the pipe is gripped with three jaws, that distribute gripping forces over a greater area without damaging the casing;
  • jaws with an extended range are used, which allows by one set of jaws to grip the pipe body, the pipe coupling, the casing shoe, the cementing check valve;
  •  the simplicity of the design allows you to quickly replace the jaws for different range of pipe diameters;
  • there is no need to reinstall the jaws into the position of making up and breaking out of the string;
  • special attention is paid to the joint of the Hydraulic backup with the main tong body. The two-point attachment equidistant from the center of the pipe with a balancing torsion eliminates the appearance of radial bending forces on the thread. This arrangement allows pipes to be made up with "pure" torque without additional friction in the threaded joint.


  • Reducing Gear;
  • Gear Hydraulic Motor FP 40.133(Italy);
  • Hydraulic Control SD-25/2 with Pressure Valve (Italy);
  • Gearbox;
  • Suspension Cylinder;
  • Suspension;
  • Pressure Gauge;
  • Rotor Assembly with adapter insert;
  • Door right;
  • Door left;
  • Hydraulic backup;
  • Hydromodule of Hydraulic backup
  • Transportation (adjusting) stands;
  • stand fixing nut.


Additionally, the Item is completed with components and devices used during erection and other work:

  • Hoses Dу32 RVD32.45х2-06 with adapters for extension;
  • Roller Yoke
  • Yoke;
  • Steel Rope Æ16mm;
  • Thimbles for Rope Æ16 mm;
  • Clamps for Rope Æ16mm;
  • Grease Syringe;
  • Quick couplings for high-pressure hoses;
  • Spare Parts.

At Customer's request the set of delivery may include replacement Jaws with dies for corresponding types of casing.


Parameters Value
Hydraulic system flow, m3/sec (l/min)

10,0×10-4 (60)
33,3×10-4 (200)
44,2×10-4 (265)
Hydraulic system pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

10 (100)
20 (200)
Drain line pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) not more than 0,5 (5)
RPM at maximal flow, sec-1 (rpm)
Low Gear
High Gear

0,27 (16)
1,55 (93)
Torque at maximal pressure, Nm (kgf·m)
Low Gear
High Gear

39200 (4000)
6600 (672)
Weight, kg
without hydraulic backup
with hydraulic backup

797 max
1750 max
Dimensions, mm
without hydraulic backup
with hydraulic backup


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