The pressure multiplier GK80.500.400-01 is designed to be built into low pressure hydraulic systems for supplying a separate high pressure hydraulic flow. 

Model GK80.500.400-01 is a multiplier designed for tasks that require a consumption of hydraulic fluid flow rate (up to 15 l/min). Features a compact design and low weight (28 kg) for this level of delivery. Multiplication factor (gain) i-3.3. It is possible to combine several multipliers to increase the feed.

A controlled check valve is included as standard. The maximum working pressure is 800 bar. The operating pressure is adjusted by changing the inlet pressure. 


The basic operation is illustrated in the diagram below. Oil flows through the CV distributor to the IN port, then freely passes through the check valves KV1, KV2 and DV into the high pressure line H. In this mode, the oil is supplied most intensively through the multiplier, ensuring fast operation of the actuator at idle. 

When the pump reaches a certain pressure level in the high-pressure line H, valves KV1, KV2 and DV close. The final required pressure is reached by the OP oscillation module, which switches off automatically when the required pressure is reached in the high-pressure line H. In the event of a decrease in pressure in the high pressure line (due to leaks or operations by actuators), the OP module automatically turns on to maintain the required pressure level in the H line.


Parameter Value
Working fluid hydraulic oil, the purity of the working fluid according to GOST 17216 is not worse than class 13
Inlet       20 - 200 atm. (nominal inlet pressure)
Outlet. Max. 800 atm. (nominal pressure in the high pressure line)
Drainage. As low as possible (pressure at the drain to the tank)
Multiplier factor outlet. = (entrance. - drainage.) х i (where, i – multiplication coeficcient)
Mounting Piped
Maximum input flow  70 l/min

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