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Hydraulic Power Tong GKSh-12000 YURMATY

LLC "Ufagidromash" is completing Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of a new automated hydraulic tong GKSH-12000 YURMATY.

Automated hydraulic tong GKSh-12000 "Yurmaty" is designed for fast, safe making up and breaking out of drill pipes with rated sizes from Ø89 mm (3 1/2") up to Ø254 mm (10") and controlled by an industrial PC controller with a real-time operating system Windows CE 7.0.

This tong is the next step in the development of the GKSH 8000 Timerkul and has an extended performance both in a range of pipe coverage and in the torque.

Hydraulic tong GKSh-12000 "Yurmaty" produces 127400 (13000) Nm (kgf · m) of make-up torque and 182280 (18600) Nm (kgf · m) of break-out torque at a nominal hydraulic system pressure of 30 MPa (300 Bar). Control over the manipulator arm assembly rotation is now available from the driller's console, the rotation angle is 359 °. The new manipulator arm assembly allows make-up of drill pipes with a maximum vertical lift of 760 mm, while the horizontal extend of the manipulator is 1600 mm.     

A unique software system based on an industrial controller provides safe and accurate make-up of threaded connections, which significantly extends the service life of the drilling tool. This system takes into account low temperatures and lets the driller's console and hydraulic oil to warm up before the tong start or after a long stop. The software allows to select the required drill pipe from a given list or create your own (new) tool list. Each hydraulic power tong comes with a USB drive with a unique MOMENT program, which can easily generate a list of pipes with specified characteristics, as well as review the tong operation archive for the entire period of operation.

The torque wrench provides high precision making up and breaking out of drill pipes with rated sizes from Ø89 mm (3 1/2") to Ø254 mm (10")without changing jaws.

Designed for moderately cold climate with ambient temperatures -45 to +50 °C.

Hopefully this tong will become another reliable helper for oilmen in their hard work!

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