Bridge Plug STA-136-35


Bridge Plugs of STA series are designed to provide tight separation of cased hole intervals.


  • in well remedial and insulation works using bridging material in above-packer zone;
  • during installation of bridges and temporary disabling of reservoir zone;
  • during abandonment of wells or conservation of oil reservoir.   

Design Features

  • Setting is carried out hydraulically;
  • Do not require special setting device;
  • Sensitive to pressure differential in both directions: top down, bottom up.
  • Made of easily drillable materials.


Parameters Value
Direction of pressure action top down or bottom up
Nominal diameters and wall thickness of tubular strings
acc. to GOST 632-80, mm
168 (7,3-12,1)
178 (10,4-12,7)
Maximum differential pressure, perceived by product, MPa 35
Pressure required for bringing product from transportation to working position, MPa 12
Maximum ambient temperature, C 120
Operational medium Oil, gas, stratal water
Maximum Setting depth, 3500
Outer diameter, mm 136 max
Length, mm 750 max
Weight, kg 30 max

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Bridge Plugs ofSTA series are designed toprovide tight separation ofcased hole intervals.