Technology and innovation

LLC «Ufagidromash» — a modern production facility equipped with high-precision CNC Metal Processing Machinery. Running of the equipment of the world’s leading machine tool companies enables Ltd. «Ufagidromash» get competitive products of high quality standards. Modern machine tools and instruments, bending machines, plasma cutting etc. provide accurate sizes for manufactured parts, in compliance with the safety standards for the working personnel and the environment.

Efficiency, reliability and longevity of parts depend on the quality of the heat treatment process. Heat treatment shop of «Ufagidromash» equipped with furnaces with carbon and nitrogen regulation, as well as automation systems of cementation and nitriding.

As a result our activities are accompanied by innovative developments, new design solutions and constant improvements of the characteristics and performance of manufactured products.



Spiders of SPG series are designed to grip a range of drilling strings and tubing sizes in drilling and well servicing. Manufactured for various load ratings.

Hydraulic Power Unit

HPU provides transformation of electric energy to pressurized flow.

Bridge Plugs

Bridge Plugs of STA series are designed to provide tight separation of cased hole intervals.