Hydraulic Power Tong GKSh-2000H


The model GKSh-2000H in closed-head design handles a range of pipe sizes from ∅50 (1,99") up to ∅178 (7"). 

According to GOST 15150 climatic version is UKHL1. Designed for moderately cold climate with ambient temperatures -45 to 50 C.


  •  Reducing Gear; 
  •  Gear Hydraulic Motor FM 40.133; 
  •  Hydraulic Control Valve SD-25/2; 
  •  Gearbox; 
  •  Suspension Cylinder Assembly; 
  •  Suspension; 
  •  System of Jaws for pipe sizes ∅55 89 mm; 
  •  Back-up Assembly;

Additional units and devices

  • Hoses RVD 25.110.4000.0,3.12/12.331,5/331,5-U1; 
  • Hoses RVD 6-111-1200-0,07-13/13-181,5/181,5-U1; 
  • Hoses RVD 6-111-3000-0,07-13/13-181,5/181,5-U1; 
  • Set of replacement Jaws with dies for sizes ∅89 114 mm;
  • Ring of a jaw carrier assy (Ø159 mm); 
  • Guide ring(Ø159 mm);
  • Roller Yoke; 
  • Yoke;
  • Rigid Fastening ; 
  • Steel Rope ∅12 mm, L=3m; ; 
  • Thimbles for Rope ∅12 mm; 
  • Clamps for Rope ∅12 mm; 
  • Grease Syringe; 
  • Quick Coupling for high-pressure hoses; 
  •  Spare Parts. 

At Customer's request the set of delivery may include replacement Jaws with dies for other pipe sizes.


Hydraulic system flow, m3/sec (l/min)

10,0×10-4 (60)
33,3×10-4 (200)
44,2×10-4 (265)
Hydraulic system pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

10 (100)
21 (210)
Drain line pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) not more than 0,5 (5)
RPM at maximal flow, sec-1 (rpm)
Low Gear
High Gear

0,41 (25)
2,47 (148)
Torque at maximal pressure, Nm (kgfm)
Low Gear
High Gear

24300 (2477)
4050 (413)
Weight, kg 534 max
Dimensions, mm 13406801035

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