Backup PZ.55500.000 is integrated into hydraulic tongs GKSh-1500MT and GKSh-1500MK. Designed to compensate reactive torque and ensure slip-free operation during make-up and break-out of tubular connections. Used for sizes from Ø48 mm (1,90") up to 141 mm (5 9/16").


Parameters Value
Maximum Braking Torque, Nm 15000 max
Diameter of gripped pipes, in(mm) 1,9"5 9/16"
Operation pneumatic
Operating pressure of the pneumatic system, MPa 0,60,9
Overall dimensions, mm 1103663148
Weight, kg 81 max

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Spiders ofSPG series are designed togrip arange ofdrilling strings and tubing sizes indrilling and well servicing. Manufactured for various load ratings.

Hydraulic Power Unit

HPU provides transformation ofelectric energy topressurized flow.

Bridge Plugs

Bridge Plugs ofSTA series are designed toprovide tight separation ofcased hole intervals.