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Hydraulic tongs GKSH-3200 now with hydraulic backup

LLC «Ufagidromash» started serial production of hydraulic backup devices integrated with hydraulic tongs GKSH−3200. A simple design increases the reliability of the product. Hydraulic backup is easy to learn, easy to use and safe to operate.

Advantages of the hydraulic backups from the pneumatic:

  1. No additional pneumatic hose, working fluid is supplied from hydraulic tong;
  2. The backup utilizes 4 biting surfaces to insure a secure grip on the tubular that prevents string rotation and tubular damage.
  3. No need to change jaws for making up or breaking out positions;
  4. Simplicity of design allows quick replacement of the jaws for other range of tubing;
  5. Increased resource of jaws and dies.


Considering numerous advantages of hydraulic backup devices, LLC «Ufagidromash» made decision to abandon pneumatic backups in favor of hydraulics.

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