Hydraulic Backup GK16.200.000


Hydraulic Backup GK16.200.000 is used as part of hydraulic tongs GKSH-1200MT (MK), GKSH-1500MT (MK) and GKSH-1600MT (MK) to compensate reactive torque on the tong and prevent possible rotation of the pipe string in the well during make-up and break-out operations, for tubing with outer diameters from Ø 60 mm (23/8 ") to Ø 159 mm (61/4"). It has two sets of jaws (each consists of 2 jaws) with ranges:

• Ø 60 mm (2 3/8 ") - Ø 108 mm (4 1/4")

• Ø 108 mm (4 1/4 ") - Ø 159 mm (6 1/4").

The design of the Backup device is reversible; there is no need to turn the body over, and to rearrange the jaws.

Mounting of the Backup device below a hydraulic tong is possible in the field conditions, without any rework.

The biting force by hydraulic backup is synchronized with the torque generated by the tong, the pressure is adjusted by a standard valve installed on the hydraulic module of the tong.


Parameters Value
Maximum pressure of the hydraulic system, MPa (kgf/cm2) 22 (220)
Maximum stabilizing moment (compensation), Nm (kgf m) 22000 (2245)
Weight without stands,kg 112 max
Overall dimensions with stand, mm 970х616х594

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